JCFW invites High School and College designers to submit their designs entrant for the Jersey City Fashion Week: Creative Runway Fashion Competition!!!!

The fashion industry is constantly changing, what’s old becomes new and what’s new becomes yesterday’s news. The evolution of fashion begins with emerging designers. Their fresh perspectives on designs and trends become the determining factors that contribute to the progression of the industry.

Discovering new talent highlighted through competitions is a major factor to finding the next great designer. It is important to foster new talent and one way of doing that is by scouting.

We are seeking crafters, who create designs and clothing that showcase their originality, ability and ingenuity. Through this search we hope to provide a platform to launch the next rising star of the industry. IS THAT YOU?!?!?

Winners recieve a $500 scholarship towards their education!!!


2016 Justin Tucker

Justin Tucker. Photo By Chapter Avenue Productions














Mr. Tucker’s T-Shirt Line was featured during the Catwalk in the Park show on 9/24/16.  Photo by Jean -Paul Cassagnol













2015 Mia Malad and Jennifer Muzon

Desha Jackson, Founder JCFW, Jennifer Muzon, Mia Malad and Deputy Mayor Marcos D Vigil of Jersey City.











Criteria for entering the contest


(1) Design a 4 – outfit/garment collection for the Fall/Winter and/or Spring/Summer season that encapsulates your signature style; (2) A range of men’s, ladies’, or children’s wear, or a
combination of both, can be submitted.
Storyboards: Your sketch must be presented in full color, and on a story boards A3 in size. Your story board must include:
(1) Technical drawings of both the front and the back of each garment;
(2) Final fabric swatches that will be used; and
(3) A motivation or description of the collection.
NB: No substitutes will be accepted.

All sketches entered will not be returned by post. However, arrangements can be made topersonally collect them from the organizers. Accuracy to your storyboard submission will be taken into consideration by the judges.

The competition is open to young individuals in High School & College students who are: (1) Students must be in good academic standing; (2) have an GPA of 3.0 or better (3) Must havefashion as part of core curriculum or as a major or minor; and (4) Have a serious interest in the fashion industry.

Competition conditions

Only the highest quality and finish will be accepted on the outfits of the finalist. Should a garment fall short of the required standard, the garment will be eliminated from the competition at the judge’s discretion.

All entrants must be available for the final awards ceremony, if chosen as one of the finalists. If you are selected as one of the finalists, you will be required to produce the collection in standard model size of which the producer of the show will give to you.

You will be required to produce one outfit (four in total) from one for the categories below. Please note- Ready to Wear is a mandatory category for all designers:

(1) Ready to Wear (mandatory) (2) Pre-Fall (3) Couture/High Fashion (4) Evening Wear (5) Free-Style (6) Business Casual (7) Custom/Tailored Clothing (8) Accessories


Creative Runway Entry Form

See you on the runway!!!!!!!

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