The Face of Fashion Week

Jersey City Fashion Week announces Face of Fashion Week!!!! Models have an opportunity to compete to be featured all year on our website via this page and be a JCFW spokesperson for the year!!!  One of the major components of our fashion week is charity and some of the proceeds go to help many charitable causes. In order to chooses the winners we considered those models who answered our three questions, had a great background in giving to the community, advertised our week and themselves in an appropriate manner and how many tickets they sold to raise money for the charity.

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Our  2017 winners are the fabulous Ryan Ross and  Sydney Raquel Salters!!!!

 2017 JCFW Face of Fashion Week and Spokesmodel Sydney Raquel Salters

Sydney Raquel Salters, age 13, was born in Secaucus, New Jersey, on January 11, 2004. Sydney began her modeling career at the age of 9 with Strike A Pose Modeling and Social Graces, under the direction of Mrs. Tori Carter. Sydney attends parochial school in Jersey City and will be graduating from Middle School in 2018.

Sydney has been modeling with Jersey City Fashion Week for the past four (4) seasons. Some of the designers being Victoria Gibbs, Angie Teko-Agbo, Tyrone Chablis, 3rd Eye, Tyrell Mason, Bella Bee, Wendy, Aeropostale, and others, as well as, high school and college students who have entered in the designer contest.

In 2017, Sydney was selected as a Runway Model for Fashion Kids NYC. The designer for this showcase was Jegie Carrera. Also in 2017, Sydney was a Runway Model for Ms. Chevonne’s Annual Prom Dress Giveaway, Jersey City, New Jersey, an organization that supplies gowns and dresses, free of charge, for high school Junior and Seniors to attend their Proms.

In 2016, Sydney attended Barbizon NYC. In addition to receiving training in Modeling, she trained in Commercials and attended classes on how to apply cosmetics properly. She graduated in the fall of 2016.




















In 2015, Sydney was a Runway Model for Bergen County Community College 3rd Annual Fashion Show – Rip the Runway – Carnival Edition. The designer for this showcase was Victoria Gibbs and Bella Bee.

In 2015, 2016, and 2017, Sydney was part of Mount Olive Baptist Church Teen Magazine where she was paired up with kids her age and they discussed day to day activities and issues, compiling same, to create articles to be placed in the magazine. The graduation ceremony was held each year at City Hall, Jersey City, New Jersey. Sydney also attended Ms. Hugettes Dance Studio, Bayonne, New Jersey, since the age of 6, where she studied Tap, Jazz, Freestyle and Hip Hop dance.

Sydney attends church regularly. She is liturgical dancer, a junior usher and a member of the youth choir.

When Sydney is not modeling, she enjoys shopping, bike riding, dancing, acting, and bowling.







































Sydney appreciates the opportunity of being the 2017 Face of Fashion.



2017 JCFW Face of Fashion Week Spokesmodel Ryan Alexander Ross

Photos by Devon Hill of DreamChasers Studio

Ryan Alexánder Ross is a 21-year-old full-time student at New Jersey City University and resides in Jersey City. He is Guyanese and British, and loves his culture and family. Ryan is also an NJCU undergraduate in his junior year and is double majoring in Marketing and Management. He is the current Vice President of Student Activities of the Student Government Organization at New Jersey City University. He graduated from Career Academy High School back in 2014 at the top of his class and as the Senior Class President. Ryan is an event coordinator, event host, a full-time student, a freelance model, a professional Urban/Pop/Caribbean dancer, actor, and has first hand experience in anything that surrounds fun and entertainment around Jersey City. He has active involvement in community service and believes in giving back in every way possible

Ryan represents leadership, diversity, honesty, education, reliability, equality, and fairness, and wants to represent NJCU’s student body with the best activities and events as possible. He dedicates himself to his studies and education at the NJCU School of Business in the Financial District area of Jersey City. At New Jersey City University, the students consider him the popular, energetic guy that is always on the go! Ryan’s events are always over the top and unforgettable because he truly has a strong passion with event planning and creativity and thinking outside the box.



He is on his way to leaving his legacy before he graduates from NJCU in 2019. Ryan always remains to have a humble, friendly, charming personality that can light up any room in any given situation. Mr. Ross comes from a very large, supportive, and loving family from England, Guyana, Canada, and New York, and in New Jersey. A few of his style inspirations are Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Prince. Ryan’s fashion and style is Electric, and Miami Vice inspired. Ryan’s mother, Latchmi Veerden and Manager, Marlon Daniels are some of his biggest motivators and role models he looks up to for mentorship and professional advice. Mr. Alexánder Ross has his own big, humble personality that makes him such an incredible soul to always be around.

Wherever he is, Ryan will keep you smiling and entertained with random conversations about life and living life on the edge. He chooses to live his life with positive people and positive energy. Once he puts his mind to something, he will successfully accomplish it without any issues because he makes the process an easy one to succeed. Ryan broke into modeling to support self-confidence and to love yourself for you and live your life to please yourself and not others.





Mr. Ryan Alexánder Ross will be launching several projects in 2018, such as becoming the producer and host of New Jersey City Universities first ever morning talk show. He will become the Head Chairman, and Co- Founder of the Universities first ever Campus Activity Programming Board. He will then be inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success. Ryan Alexánder will be making his official comeback to Instagram in January 2018 to debut all his hard work, talent, and grow and expand himself and his creativity. He is very educated, talented, family oriented, creative, and humble. He has had an amazing experience at Jersey City Fashion Week thanks to founder, Desha L. Jackson for making it one he’ll never forget. He has become the Male Model Face of Fashion of Jersey City of 2017-18 by winning this year’s competition. You can catch his upcoming interview with Laurie Perrone, founder of “This Jersey Girl’s Career and Style Online Magazine in January of 2018!

Follow him on Social Media!

Instagram- @ItsRyanAlexander
Facebook- @RyanAlexánderRoss
Twitter- @ItsRyanRoss
Snapchat- @ItsRyanRoss


2016 JCFW Face of Fashion week and Spokesmodel



Hey there! My name is Cara Poalillo, I am a Jersey girl from my roots, and have always had a love for the life along the Hudson. I grew up in Maywood, New Jersey, spending summers at the Jersey shore, falling in love with the sand and the ocean by day, and gallivanting the boardwalk by night. Growing up in New York City’s backyard, I learned a love for adventure and have always had big dreams and motivations.
As a child, I was always extremely imaginative, and never truly outgrew my love for the world unseen. While growing up, I became even more fascinated with art, color, and photography. Models in photos were pieces of living art to me. I would spend hours secretly posing in mirrors, analyzing magazine images, and practicing what I considered to be human art. During my teenage years, I struggled with having a healthy body image, a struggle that is shared amongst many young women, and being confident in my own uniqueness. I thought that my beauty was dependent on how skinny I was, and I didn’t realize that my true gorgeous self was in who I was as a person, and that everything about my features and self was beautiful just as I was. Because everything in my world was visual, it came as no surprise that I also became completely fascinated with American Sign Language.

In high school, I met Deaf friends who taught me about their language and culture. My passion for the Deaf community led me to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I attended North Central University and majored in American Sign Language Interpreting. Although I had immersed myself in studying sign language, my love for art and fashion continued to flourish. I modeled in my first runway show for Aveda Institute in Minneapolis in 2009. I was constantly working to improve my look, poses, and my personal art. To me, art, modeling, and communicating in ASL were all a part of my visual language and self-expression.

I recently turned twenty-seven, and have been working as a professional ASL Interpreter in NYC and NJ for almost 5 years. I can proudly say that I am a confident person and strive to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit and want to share that bold spirit with others. I have realized I could never be satisfied unless I continue to pursue all of my dreams and passions. That is why I regularly embrace my own imagination by modeling, singing, dancing, painting, and spoken word poetry. At Seek Church NYC, I lead a group called Create, in which I guide people in exercises to encourage them to discover their own unique ways to release their personal art. Additionally, I volunteer teaching fitness classes for youth at Hope and Future, a non-profit fitness and community center in West New York, NJ. I love helping students grow in their abilities and am moved by their transformations. Through all of these venues, I am able to encourage people in their own beauty and creativity and help people to be proud of themselves, have a healthy body image, and live a full life.

imageI was ecstatic when I was casted for Jersey City Fashion Week, and enjoyed every minute of the adventure with the JCFW team as we prepped and put on the shows during fashion week. The more time I spent with everyone from JCFW, the more it felt like family. As a model, a learned valuable lessons for my runway walk, my look, and how to work as a model on and off camera. I was motivated to become even more a part of the community and learned a lot about networking and working together in to make a fashion show a success.

Winning the Face of Fashion is an honor, and I am thrilled to partner with Give to Live Foundation in their work to see Jersey City thrive. I feel honored to be a forerunner in revitalizing the community. As the Face of Fashion, I want to be a fearless inspiration for others in beauty, strength, and creativity. I want to give back to the community by using this platform to encourage people, especially women and girls, to believe in themselves and find the amazing value that they hold. As the Face of Fashion, I hope to be able to become a more affluent model, advocate for the Deaf community and the arts, and be an inspiration to women. It is my desire to meld my worlds of modeling, art, and the Deaf community together. I want to shed light on the art and beauty already happening in the community and encourage it to continue to flourish.

2016 JCFW Face of Fashion week and Spokesmodel









Victoria Branker is a 7 Year old resident if Jersey City, NJ. She is an honor roll student and excels in mathematics. Victoria states she will be a veterinarian when she is an adult.

Victoria began entering natural pageants at the age of 4. Her first year she won Best Interview, and was the youngest in her age group. In 2015, at the age of 6, she was crowned NJ Miss American Coed (MAC) Princess. In November 2015 she competed in MAC Nationals in Orlando,Florida in Disney World. The following February,2016, she competed in the National Garden Miss Pageant. There she won and us currently the reigning 2016 NGM Princess.

Victoria loves the charity Toys for Tots, and did a Halloween toy drive , with the help of her family, in 2015. She has also participated in Breast Cancer and Arthritis Foundation walks. She, on her own charging, gives back to her community whenever she hears about the opportunity to do so. She will ask for cans for Food Drives and take money out of her piggy bank for charity collections.

imageVictoria enjoys taking ballet,tap,hip-hop, and gymnastics classes at Kennedy Dance School, and participates every year in the annual dance recital. She also enjoys modeling and has appeared in JC FASHION WEEK, ATLANTIC CITY FASHION WEEK, and FASHION FOR ALL SEASONS.

Victoria has appeared in an Independent film “The World is Not For Me” which was shown at the Harlem Film Festival and will also be shown at the NY Jazz Film Festival. She recently worked on a project for Sesame Studios for their YouTube channel.  Victoria enjoys being in front of the camera and looks forward to doing print work.


 2015 Face of Fashion Winner – Annette Russo 


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